DiDi Unveils Technology Breakthroughs in AR and AI Integration

On August 17th, Didi Chuxing (“DiDi”), the Chinese ride-sharing, AI and autonomous technology conglomerate, unveiled its latest AI R&D at the DiDi Tech Day in Beijing.

As a world leader in transportation, the company’s mission of bringing a more efficient way of transport is about to reach new heights with the integration of AI and AR technology.

Bob Zhang, CTO at DiDi, shared details of the development of the popular Express Carpool service at the event. He says that “carpooling is the most efficient way for drivers to up their income, for passengers to reduce costs, and for cities to enjoy a fast and efficient way of transport.” DiDi’s Express Carpooling Service operates across 100 different cities in China and accounts for more than 20% of all transport-related markets.

DiDi is bringing a futuristic driving experience often shown in movies to life with the new AR technology. The interactive, app-based AR navigation service utilizes a combination of digital vision positioning and 3D scenery reconstruction to reveal the layout of solid edifices. It can help drivers and passengers navigate through massive buildings, such as airports, train stations and shopping malls, to identify a vehicle pick-up location easily.

To add on to the exciting experience, the new AI driving voice assistant, which is voice activated via an in-vehicle smart device, is designed to provide a full spectrum of services ranging from simple audio and video searches and in-vehicle comfort adjustments such as air conditioning and music, to passenger communications, customer service, and even refuel, recharging or repair services.

During the event, DiDi also announced the launch of its AI for Public Welfare Project in conjunction with more than 10 founding partners.

DiDi believes that as AI technology advances, tech companies need to work more closely with communities to fully understand user demands, as well as social impacts and responsibilities that come with developing such a technology. Together with the 10 founding partners, DiDi aims to develop joint technological and social solutions to environmental, safety, health and accessibility challenges.