Didi Signs Cooperation Agreement with Brazilian Partner

On October 17th to 18th, the 3rd Belt and Road Summit was held in Beijing. Didi, together with its Brazilian partner, signed a cooperation agreement in the fields of green transportation and digital payment.

During the Belt and Road Entrepreneur Conference held at the forum, Didi signed an agreement with BYD’s subsidiary in Brazil, Dahruj (a Brazilian car rental company), and IturanMob (a Brazilian fleet management service provider) for the localization project of domestically produced electric vehicles. The aim is to promote the application and popularization of domestically produced electric vehicles in Brazil, and to facilitate a virtuous cycle where digital services drive manufacturing exports. By 2023, Didi plans to introduce and deploy 300 BYD electric vehicles through its ride-hailing platform in Brazil. Currently, Didi operates the largest electric ride-hailing fleet in Brazil.

This cooperation project is one of the latest initiatives of Didi’s “Brazil Sustainable Mobility Alliance” established in Brazil. In April 2022, Didi partnered with Brazilian companies from various sectors such as automobile manufacturing, energy, leasing, and finance through its ride-hailing platform in Brazil. Through alliance cooperation, they aim to promote the popularization of new energy vehicles and electrification of ride-hailing services in Brazil, driving sustainable transportation development. The alliance plans to increase the penetration rate of new energy vehicles from the current approximately 2% to 10% by 2025 and build 10,000 public charging stations in Brazil. BYD’s subsidiary in Brazil joined the alliance in July 2022. Currently, there are a total of twelve members in the alliance.

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During the Digital Economy High-Level Forum held at the conference, Didi also participated in a ceremony for exchanging texts on the achievements of practical cooperation between enterprises. They signed an agreement with BePay, a Brazilian financial technology company, to acquire 100% of its equity. Through this collaboration, both parties will provide secure online payment services for Brazilian users, promote the popularization of mobile payments in Brazil, and contribute to the development of the local digital economy.

Currently, Didi’s international business covers 14 countries in Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Africa, including Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Panama, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Costa Rica. It provides diversified services to the local market with transportation as the main focus and also includes delivery and financial services. The annual active user base of Didi’s international business is approximately 80 million users with over 3.2 million active drivers and more than 450 thousand active delivery riders annually.