Didi President Jean Liu Visits Family of Murdered Driver

After several tragedies of passenger rape and murder while using Didi, a Chinese ride-hailing company, people have once again raised concerns about safety. But this time, the focus has shifted to the safety of drivers following death of a Didi driver.

The Didi driver was allegedly stabbed to death in Changde, China around midnight on Mar. 23 by a 19-year-old passenger who later turned himself in to the police and admitted to having suicidal thoughts. The ride-hailing giant confirmed the murder the following day.

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According to Didi’s official statement, an emergency team was set up and sent to cooperate fully with local police, they also sent staff members to visit and console the victim’s family and assist them in funeral arrangements.

Late at night on Mar. 25, Didi’s President Jean Liu and other executives arrived in Changde to pay respect to the deceased at the mourning hall.

Jean Liu, president of Didi, visited family of murdered driver
Jean Liu, president of Didi, visited family of murdered driver in Changde(photo source: sinatech)

“Mr. Chen (the victim) was highly respected. We cherish drivers like him on our platform. After learning of the incident, I had very complicated feelings that I didn’t know how to express. There will be many difficulties for the two kids without a dad around, we will do our best to help the family,” said Liu.

Liu also posted on her WeChat moments saying she had thought a lot during the trip to Changde but all words faded before the tears of the family. It reminded her of the feeling she had felt last year, a combination of being both overwhelmed and terrified. She will always regret her decision to not visit the family right away.

Chen’s family said they had reached a deal with Didi on a follow-up concerning compensation in the early morning of Mar. 26.

Liu implored everyone to give Didi another chance to make amends.

Unlike the condemnation and critique the company received after the murders of Didi passengers last year, this time the public seems to think the incident had little to do with Didi and commended the company for immediately visiting the family and providing compensation.

Featured photo credit to SinaTech