Didi Launches Express Delivery Service in Over 200 Cities

On June 13, Didi Chuxing, a leading ride-hailing platform, introduced a new express delivery service called Didi Express. The platform has integrated Dada Express, Flash Delivery, and UU Errands to provide immediate delivery of small items. Currently, Didi Express is available in more than 200 cities across China, including Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Beijing.

The creation of Didi Express was motivated by frequent customer feedback requesting immediate delivery of small items such as documents, flowers, cakes, and car parts. In response to this, Didi Chuxing decided to expand its services beyond large item delivery and partnered with Dada Express, Flash Delivery, and UU Errands to provide a speedy local delivery service for small items.

Customers can access the new service through the Didi app or WeChat mini program, which now features an entrance to “Didi Express” and “Delivery/Moving”. Users can call multiple delivery service providers with just one click on the Didi platform, choosing based on each provider’s real-time prices and their own time requirements. Users can also place orders with multiple service providers at the same time, and Didi Express will match them with the quickest service based on order acceptance speed.

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Didi Express has expressed plans to expand its services to more cities, estimating that it will cover 300 cities nationwide by the end of June. With the launch of the express delivery service, Didi Chuxing aims to continually improve its service breadth, fulfilling the “large and small goods” delivery needs of users, and meeting their one-stop intra-city freight requirements.