Didi-Chuxing Rumored to Conduct Massive Layoffs of 25%

Following the layoff trends from the end of last year, insiders say that the ride-hailing giant Didi-Chuxing is considering massive layoffs in departments such as product technologies and ride-hailing. The layoff is expected to exceed 25 percent.

Insiders told tech media 36kr that Didi-Chuxing now has over 13,000 employees, which means that 3000 people might be forced to leave the company. The main cuts will be made from the departments that haven’t made much progress in the past year.

According to insiders, the layoff is conducted according to the “bottom-up” principle, meaning that those that scored C or D in the year-end performance evaluation will be given a “layoff conversation”.

Even if it’s not direct dismissal, adjustments of annual bonus can be also seen as a sign of warning. Take 2017 for example, those in the C or D rankings didn’t get any annual bonus, while those who scored S received 12 months of salary for annual bonus.

Didi’s website (Source: Didi Chuxing)

The company then replies that the layoff is actually a normal personnel adjustment and talent restructuring. In addition, positions including safety technologies, products, management and offline driver management are being recruited on a large scale recently. The public relations manager of Didi-Chuxing told Pandaily that they don’t have any comments concerning this matter.

Ever since the two incidents of passenger murder last year, the ride-hailing business of Didi has been under strict government scrutiny. The company has kept a low profile for the entire second half of 2018, with internal restructuring moves like taking down the hitchhike service and cancelling their annual event.

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