Dell Will Stop Selling Some Products with AMD 7900 Graphics Cards in China

Dell will stop selling products in China that are equipped with multiple AMD 7900 graphics cards. This is a measure under the new regulations in the United States.

According to the leaked Dell sales consultation guide, products including Radeon RX 7900 XTX, Radeon RX 7900 XT, Radeon PRO W7900, and the upcoming Instinct MI300 graphics cards are now banned from being sold in China.

In addition, Dell’s self-imposed product list also includes products equipped with the Instinct MI210, MI250, MI250X, and MI300 series AI data center and HPC GPU.

Actually, prior to AMD, NVIDIA has already banned several products from being sold in the Chinese market, including A100, H100, A800, H800, L40S, L40, A40, A30, K4, RTX A6000,RTX 6000 Ada and RTX 4090.

According to the US side, the sale of 4800 TPP (Total Performance Processing) GPUs is prohibited in certain countries/regions.

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