Corporate Changes Completed at Ant Group

In early January, Ant Group, the financial arm of Alibaba, announced that it would be making adjustments to its shareholder structure to further meet the requirements of modern corporate governance systems. The aim is to align shareholder voting rights with their economic interests. After the adjustment, all major shareholders will independently exercise voting rights and will not act in concert. There will no longer be any situation where Ant Group is directly or indirectly controlled by a single or joint shareholder.

According to Qichacha, a Chinese corporate information platform, the shareholder adjustment of Ant Group was completed on January 22. Hangzhou Yunbo Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. withdrew as a partner and executive partner, and Hangzhou Xingtao Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. was added as a partner and executive partner. At the same time, the shareholder structure of Hangzhou Xingtao Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. also changed, with Jack Ma and others stepping down, and Zhao Ying, Wu Minzhi, and others newly added as shareholders.

In a separate development, Ant Group released its “2023 Intellectual Property White Paper” today. The document reveals that the company has submitted 32,459 patent applications globally, with 22,102 of these already granted. Notably, invention patents constitute 95.77% of the total, and foreign applications represent 58.75%. The patents predominantly fall within the realms of security technology, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

Ant Group has demonstrated a strategic emphasis on international intellectual property rights, with its patent coverage extending to over 40 countries or regions. Technologies developed internally, such as the OceanBase database and mPaaS development products, have been introduced to multiple overseas markets. Furthermore, Ant Group has open-sourced more than 1,900 code repositories, and its nine fundamental technologies, all of which underpin Alipay, are leading the way in China’s open-source technology sector.

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