Construction Robot R&D Company Weijian Technology Completes A-Round and A+ Round Financing Totalling $16 Million

Weijian Technology, a company that focuses on the R&D of smart construction robots, has recently completed an A and A+ round of financing worth a total of 100 million yuan ($16 million). The leading investor of the A-round was K2VC, and co-investors were Squoia China, Poly Capital and previous shareholder Linear Capital. This Round A+ round was exclusively financed by Poly Capital.

100Summit Partners acted as the exclusive financial adviser for both rounds of financing. This round of investment will be mainly used for research and development, production, and the marketing of plastering and reinforcement robots.

Weijian Technology was founded in June 2020, and is the only Chinese company in the industry that uses intelligent robots to complete the plastering at construction sites. The company now has about 60 staff covering robotics, construction technology, control, autonomous navigation, vision, IoT, AI and others.

Its founder, Liang Yanxue, was engaged in the R&D of industrial robot technology for a decade at Japan’s Fanuc priorto starting his own company. He is known an authoritative expert in the field of industrial robots.

Maintaining pressure on the wall is the key to the quality plastering. Smart robots maintain a pressure of about 30Kg on the wall when plastering. With this type of high and stable plastering quality, the rate of hollowing plastering is roughly 0.7% – 1.2% compared to pure manual plastering.

Regarding the uneven ground in construction, Weijian leverages sensors to automatically sense the altitude of the robots and designs an automatic leveling mechanism. For the complex wall surface, 3D vision technology is applied by strengthening the adaptive adjustment ability of cloth mechanism.

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Weijian also researches and develops its own offline simulation software based on the BIM model. This software automatically carries out planning a path, generating operation programs and maps, and automatically corrects errors between actual houses and the simulated models through ranging sensors, thus enhancing the working efficiency of plastering robots.

Apart from the plastering robot, Weijian has also launched a robot for steel bars, which can be used for cutting and shaping steel bars at a construction site.