Cloud Phone Firm Suancho to Receive Over $15M in Angel Round Financing

Shenzhen-based tech firm Suanchou Information (also known as Suancho) has announced that it will complete an angel round of financing totaling over 100 million yuan ($15.04 million) in the near future. This round is to be led by Fosun Capital, followed by existing shareholder Union Rich and a well-known investment company. The funds will be mainly used for edge cloud infrastructure, R&D and talent recruitment.

Founded in 2019, Suancho focuses on building smart cloud-based mobile phones and edge cloud operation service platforms. At present, the company has launched a cloud smartphone brand called Binary Star. “Cloud phones” allow users to experience operating two smartphones on one device. Because such phones run entirely in the cloud, it is more convenient for individuals to play games and download movies.

These phones can also be used as a cloud drive. Large files such as music and videos downloaded by users on cloud phones can be directly played or saved, without occupying users’ own smartphone memory. In addition, users can open multiple accounts for several applications at the same time.

As for cloud games, according to the needs of users at the present stage, Suancho mainly provides individual users with game bot playing services. Through these services, low-configuration smartphone users can also play mobile games that have high configuration requirements, and reduce the occupation of users’ data storage room. They can also reduce purchasing costs and improve the return on investment (ROI) for game developers.

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As for the future layout, Liu Yi, founder and Chairman of Suancho, pointed out that the company plans to launch a small home server. The product can be used to store data and information of cloud phones within this server, which reduces costs and improves privacy. In addition, the company will reportedly launch cloud phones in overseas markets.

As the lead investor in this round of financing, Fosun Capital stated: “Compared with other applications of mobile internet technology, strong technical barriers (infrastructure needs servers like ARMSoC) are the best form and the trend for the future development of mobile internet. At present, major cloud vendors have not invested in this field on a large scale. We think the market is still a blue ocean.”