Cloud-Native RPA Manufacturer Uniner Technology Secures Round-A Financing

Uniner Technology, a cloud-native robotic process automation (RPA) manufacturer, announced on September 1 that it has secured round-A financing, jointly led by Sky9 Capital and Haochen Capital. Existing shareholder Linear Capital also joined as a co-investor, while Yuanhe Capital served as the exclusive financial consultant.

Uniner Technology previously obtained angel financing from Sequoia Seed Fund and pre-A round financing from Linear Capital.

As labor costs increase, companies are more motivated to replace or supplement human labor with robots. The core logic of RPA is to simulate human operations with software to complete process-oriented, repetitive business actions in order to supplement or replace human work as well.

Uniner Technology, which was established in 2021, has two features in its business line. First, it builds on cloud-based, loosely coupled, modular products which reduces the operational threshold of front-line business personnel. Second, it focuses on the vertical areas in which it has advantages, and through the scenario-based RPA format, it can acquire target customers more precisely.

In terms of specific product architecture, its current RPA product matrix is divided into four layers: RaaS (robot as a service), SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. Both front-line business personnel and IT leaders can freely combine the required modules through these four layers to obtain the required solutions.

Uniner Technology proposes the concept of “scenario-based RPA.” In other words, it is based on cloud-native architecture and focuses on specific areas, where high-frequency events are abstracted into independently deployable robot modules that are available to users immediately.

In terms of efficiency, cloud-based RPA products offer elastic computing power to prevent operational bottlenecks and avoid local antivirus software from interfering with the robot’s operation. This thereby improves operational efficiency.

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Presently, in terms of specific implementation, Uniner Technology is first targeting the pan-distribution industry, including logistics and manufacturing. The team spent a year to develop the product, which was officially commercialized from November 2021. Within half a year, Uniner Technology has secured over 200 paying head customers. It also managed to maintain steady growth every month, despite the effects of stringent pandemic control measures in China this year. Currently, the team includes around a hundred people.