Chip Firm YTMicro Bags Several Hundred Million Yuan in Round-A+ Financing

Chinese semiconductor developer YTMicro announced on July 29 that it has secured several hundred million yuan in round-A+ financing. Existing shareholders, including Hubei Xiaomi Changjiang Industrial Investment Fund Partnership and New Alliance Capital, continued to raise their investment, while new institutions such as Jinbang Capital, BAIC Capital, Beijing Kinetic Energy (SPC), China Universal Asset Management and Yongxin Capital also participated.

YTMicro, also known as Yuntu Semiconductor, is an integrated circuit design company focusing on auto-grade chips, which was established in 2020 and has completed five rounds of financing in only two years. On the founding team, the company has a complete auto-grade product team with nearly 20 years of experience and brings talent in chip architecture, IP, technology, mass production, sales, supply chain and other aspects.

YTM32B1L, the company’s first car-level series product, can be used for various sensors, lights, windows, seats, electric tailgates and other applications, and has been designated by dozens of automakers and shipped in batches. YTM32B1ME, the second high-end vehicle-level M series product, is widely applied and is the only mass-produced auto-grade MCU (Microcontroller Unit) product that meets China’s dual certification of AEC-Q100 and ISO26262 ASIL-B.

The company has planned four series of products, namely the YTM32B1L series, YTM32B1M series, YTM32B1H series and YTM32Z1 series, aiming to gradually cover 90% of application functions of the five major vehicle domains.

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MCU is the core component of automotive electronics and automotive control and plays a very important role in various application scenarios of automobiles. According to data from CITIC Securities, each traditional car uses more than 70 MCUs on average, while the current smart car is estimated to use more than 300 MCUs per bicycle. According to IC Insights, the global automotive MCU market reached $7.6 billion in 2021, and the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) is expected to reach 7.7% in the next five years.