Chip Developer Micro Creative Wins Round-B Financing of Over $15.7 Million Yuan, Shunwei Capital Participates as Investor

Zhuhai Micro Creative announced on Friday that it has completed round-B financing, garnering over 100 million yuan ($15.7 million). This round was led by SummitView Capital, followed by Shunwei Capital, and previous shareholders such as Flyfot Ventures continued to participate. This round of funds will mainly be used for the mass production and promotion of security millimeter wave imaging chips and the development of its next generation automotive millimeter wave radar chips.

Founded in March 2017, Micro Creative is a leading designer and manufacturer of CMOS millimeter wave/terahertz chips and radar modules in China. Its main application fields include internet of things, security and automotive parts. In February this year, Micro Creative completed an A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, which was led by Flyfot Ventures, followed by investors including Platinum Venture Capital and Baidu Ventures.

In 2020, the company launched 76-81GHz Aries and its corresponding Aries AIP (Antenna-in-Package) chip series, which quickly have been applied in the fields of internet of things and security, given its high-quality performance.

In the field of smart security, based on the Aries-AIP chip, Micro Creative launched the first turnkey-solution of 2D MIMO array security inspection imaging product in China. The company provides customers with intelligent millimeter wave security inspection equipment with high definition, high frame rate and high speed scanning. At present, it has been piloted and applied in many large-scale competitions and public safety programs in China.

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In the field of industrial internet of things, since the launch of 80GHz high-frequency millimeter-wave industrial radar in 2020, Micro Creative’s products have earned recognition within the market, and the company has taken the lead of producing high-frequency millimeter-wave industrial radar in China.

In the field of intelligent transportation, the 80GHz millimeter wave traffic radar products created by Micro Creative meet the national regulations, and are applied in many scenarios such as urban intelligent transportation signal control, high-speed vehicle-road coordination and tunnel incident detection.