Chinese Smartphone Brand Realme Expands to Home Market

Realme, the Chinese smartphone brand that have built up a strong presence in Southeast Asia, announced its return to the homeland market on Apr. 24 on multiple Chinese social media platforms.

According to the announcement issued by its founder and global CEO Sky Li, Realme is officially expanding to the domestic market, one year after it was formally established. The young brand is currently available on ten overseas markets including India, Indonesia, Singapore and Egypt.

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To explain why Realme decided to come back to the competitive Chinese market, Li said China is the world’s largest smartphone market and Realme’s base camp. After one year of practicing abroad, he and his team are confident to meet people’s expectations in the home market.

Li repeated his words from last year and said “What is Realme? I hope it is a product that can provide stylish design and strong performancesä for young people all over the world. I hope it is a brand that does not follow the trend and maintains sincerity. I hope it will become a company that can make employees happy, bring benefits to the industry, and is well respected.”

Realme started as a sub-brand of OPPO until its separation last year. It launched its first product Realme 1 exclusively in India in May 2018. Within one year, it has launched multiple products and expanded its geographical reach.

Realme 3 Pro India
Realme 3 Pro India (source: Realme)

The company’s latest device Realme 3 Pro was released in India on Apr. 22 as another contender to the title of best budget smartphone in India. We’ll wait and see what devices Realme will choose to bring to the home market.

Featured photo credit to Realme