Chinese Regulators Summon Ride-hailing Platforms Didi and T3 Travel

On Tuesday, the Jiangsu Traffic Port Prevention and Control Team and other departments summoned six online car-hailing platforms, including Didi and T3 Travel. The authorities are demanding that the platforms strengthen online spot checks, offline secretive inquiries, and increase punishments for violating epidemic prevention and control requirements.

At present, the situation of the epidemic prevention and control in many provinces and cities in China is rather severe. From March 3 to 7, the Jiangsu Traffic Port Prevention and Control Team conducted secret inquiries and spot checks on five cities in the province, during which 41 taxis and online hailing cars were randomly investigated. During the spot checks it was found that there were three main problems in the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.

The problems found included: First, a few taxi drivers do not wear masks or do not wear them properly; Second, passengers did not wear masks, and some taxi drivers did not remind them; Third, some taxi drivers did not check the passengers’ health codes as required.

The regulators asked taxi companies to ensure their managers and drivers familiarize themselves with the prevention and control measures. The companies should strictly check passengers’ health codes and issue pre-trip reminders, video surveillance and spot checks, and randomly spot check health codes every day.

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In addition, all taxi companies should strictly implement local taxi operation and management regulations, prevent taxis in low-risk areas from going to medium and high-risk areas without proper authorization, and strengthen their own internal management. It is strictly forbidden to send orders to taxis and drivers without permission.