Chinese E-Commerce Platforms Start Applications for ChatGPT to Business

As soon as ChatGPT was released, it aroused some discussion. In the cross-border e-commerce sector, many enterprises have started to access ChatGPT to improve operational efficiency. Shopify, a Canadian cross-border e-commerce SaaS service provider, has taken the lead in integrating ChatGPT. Xiamen Jihong Technology, a China company, has also accessed ChatGPT’s API in January.

On March 17, Jihong Technology said in an answer to an investor’s questions that the company had accessed ChatGPT’s API in January 2023, and the cross-border e-commerce business currently using ChatGPT includes: AI intelligent goods selection, production of graphic and video advertising materials, intelligent output of advertising keywords, intelligent advertisement delivery, intelligent customer service response, and others.

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The key to ChatGPT’s rapid growth among cross-border e-commerce firms is to save operating costs, according to a report by New Consumer Daily. Analysts at Caitong Securities estimated that considering that the per capita salary of the executive and operating personnel at Jihong Technology was approximately 50,000 yuan ($7264) in 2021, the average annual profit saved was over 10 million (involving 1002 operating personnel of the company in 2021) for every 200 personnel optimized.

At the same time, other Chinese firms, including Guangzhou Ruoyuchen Tech, Shanghai Kaytune,, and Hangzhou New Century Information Technology, also showed their interest in the new generation of AI technology, especially ChatGPT.

In addition to the cross-border e-commerce platform, New Consumer Daily learned that Chanmama, a Chinese company serving live e-commerce content, has also accessed ChatGPT. Yang Simin, technical director of Chanmama, revealed in an interview that its users have always shown demand for live speech production, and the company is currently optimizing its technical solutions. “Since the release of OpenAI, we have tried to apply its capabilities in this scenario and achieved good results.”

In addition to accessing ChatGPT, many Chinese enterprises have also chosen to access ERNIE Bot which was recently launched by Baidu., China CYTS Tours Holding and other domestic enterprises have said that they had all connected with Baidu‘s ERNIE. For instance, it would deepen cooperation in a variety of different various fields such as travel intelligence planning and travel content delivery to create AI solutions for users of online travel service scenarios.