Chinese Data Security Firm CyberServal Completes Round-A Financing

On August 16, Chinese data security startup CyberServal announced its completion of round-A financing, garnering tens of millions of yuan, led by Source Code Capital and followed by Honghua Fanxing Cyber Security Angel Fund and Sky9 Capital.

CyberServal was established in 2021, and its main business focuses on data security. Wang Yu, CEO of the company, said that most of his team members have many years of experience in safety and entrepreneurship. He has also said that they found the current data security field very promising, with a lot of unmet needs.

CyberServal provides enterprises with a holistic next-generation data security solution by creating a series of innovative products for threat detection and response (DR), combined with professional services such as penetration testing, security audits and data consultations.

In its current conception, the company’s DR series products can cover terminals, servers and gateways, thus helping enterprises draw asset maps. The team’s ability to analyze various protocols and understand the businesses makes it draw asset flow diagrams more meticulously.

So far, the company has launched Qingzhui DDR and Saluzi ADR detection and response products. The former is a terminal data detection and response product based on an intelligent content identification engine, driver-level terminal application event monitoring, leak risk detection and other technologies. It can detect outgoing data internally, and prevent virus intrusion and data theft externally. Based on the high-performance traffic collection engine and multidimensional detection strategy, the latter dynamically portrays the traffic of business applications, so as to find security problems such as API attack events, business risks and abnormal behavior.

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In the future, the company also plans to integrate team attack and defense technology with R&D to launch related data security products. It hopes to create the next generation of integrated data security products, security services and data consultation. Since its development, the company’s business has grown to cover many industries, including finance, the new economy, government, operators, manufacturing, e-commerce internet and energy.