Chinese Auto Giant Geely Launches New Electric Semi Truck Called Homtruck

On Monday, Geely’s new energy commercial vehicle group, Farizon Auto, unveiled a luxury electric semi truck – the “Homtruck” – now open for pre-orders with production and first deliveries planned for early 2024.

According to different environments and operation scenarios, Geely said the Homtruck will be offered around the world with several powertrain options, including all-electric, range-extended electric and methanol hybrid. The version of the Homtruck released this time is equipped with battery swapping options.

In order to create comfortable driver working conditions, the design of the Homtruck optimizes space to create a driving and living area, which includes a washstand, a single bed, a refrigerator, a kettle, a toilet and even a bathroom complete with a shower, a small washing machine and an external kitchen.

The Homtruck is capable of connecting to China’s logistics network’s big data platforms to help drivers obtain the most optimal orders in real time. Hardware sensors such as lidar, millimetre-wave radar, ultrasonic radar will be standard equipment along with 5G and V2X communication, so that it can achieve L3 and L4 autonomous driving. It is planned to realize L5 autonomous driving by 2030.

Farizon Auto is a brand under Geely’s New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group formed in 2016. Li Shufu, chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, said at a press conference that unlike traditional commercial vehicles, Farizon Auto vehicles have been positioned as new energy commercial vehicles since their birth. The new energy CVs will function as smart carriers that can connect transport capacity platforms with the green energy supply network to complete an ecological closed loop.

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From January to September this year, Geely’s new energy commercial vehicle heavy truck and light truck product sales increased by 237% and 1174% year-on-year, and the market share reached 21% and 25.66%, respectively. Long-distance vehicles have also announced their development goals for the next decade. Farizon Auto also expressed plans that the sales volume of new energy will reach 570,000 vehicles in 2030, with a market share of 20%, and the carbon emission reduction of the whole vehicle life cycle will be 90%.