Chinese AI Tactile Sensors Firm TacSense Scores B-Round Financing

TacSense, a tactile AI solutions provider, has recently secured more than 100 million yuan ($15.8 million) in B-round financing, 36Kr reported on Thursday. The leading investor was lCDF-Capital while co-investors included existing shareholders Ferry Venture Capital and Beijing Yuanhui Investment Management Co., Ltd., as well as an individual investor Wang Xiaochuan, former CEO of Chinese search engine Sogou.

TacSense has launched tactile solutions for the HMI and medical device industries, based on its self-developed flexible pressure sensors, which empower smart devices in these industries with the ability to sense external pressure. The funds raised in this round are intended for team expansion, assembly and testing of production lines, market expansion and additional working capital.

The firm is a pioneer in the fourth generation of flexible iontronic sensing (FITS) technology. In a nutshell, FITS works to remodel the surface of an object in the most sensitive and non-intrusive way such that the object can sense pressure from outside.

For example, an important application in the industrial sector is the inspection of lithium battery production processes. For example, formation is an essential link in the production of Li-ion batteries, and this process is subject to pressure control, whereby pressure control directly affects battery life, energy density and safety.

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TacSense solutions offer real-time pressure distribution data for this link. Such data help eliminate unqualified batteries on the inspection stage. It also feeds the data to the chemical pressure machine in real time, raising the yield of battery preparation. Over the past year, TacSense solutions delivered a penetration rate close to 50% among the leading battery manufacturers in China, and delivered revenues amounting to tens of millions.