China’s Top 100 Businesswomen of 2021: Wang Laichun, Founder of Electronics Supplier Luxshare, Takes Top Spot

Forbes China published its 2021 Top 100 Businesswomen List last Monday in anticipation of International Women’s Day on March 8. There are 46 new names on the list this year, with most of the female executives involved in medicine and healthcare sectors.

The influential list ranks the business performance, market size and areas of innovation for the candidates’ firms.

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Wang Laichun, founder and chairwoman of electronics supplier Luxshare Precision, is ranked No. 1 on the list, followed by Cheng Xue, vice chairwoman of soy sauce maker Haitian Flavor and Wu Yajun, chairwoman of property developer Longfor Group Holdings.

Wang previously worked at Foxconn for nearly ten years before leaving to start her own business Luxshare, according to Forbes. The company has since expanded its business to include to consumer electronics, communications, automotive electronics and is a major Apple supplier. Luxshare was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010 and is currently valued at 332 billion yuan ($51 billion).

The average age of the women on the list is 50, and more than half of them hold a master’s degree or above. A quarter of the executives on the list were educated overseas and most of them are based in either Shanghai or Beijing.

Here’s the full list:

  1. Wang Laichun (王来春), Chairwoman and President of Luxshare Precision 
  2. Cheng Xue (程雪), Vice Chairwoman of Haitian Flavor
  3. Wu Yajun (吴亚军), Chairwoman of Longfor Group Holdings
  4. Fan Hongwei (范红卫), Chairwoman and President of Hengli Petrochemical
  5. Dong Mingzhu (董明珠), Chairwoman and President of Gree Electric
  6. Zhou Qunfei (周群飞), Chairwoman of Lens Technology
  7. Cao Xiaochun (曹晓春), Co-founder and President of Hangzhou Tigermed
  8. Wang Fengying (王凤英), CEO of Great Wall Motor
  9. Zhong Huijuan (钟慧娟), Chairwoman and CEO of Hansoh Pharmaceutical
  10. Zhao Ning (赵宁), Vice President of WuXi AppTec 
  11. Kelly Zhang Nan (张楠), CEO of ByteDance China
  12. Wu Wei (武卫), CFO of Alibaba
  13. Joey Wat Chui Yung (屈翠容), CEO of Yum China
  14. Liu Chang (刘畅), Chairwoman of New Hope Group
  15. Hu Yuhua (胡煜华), Global Vice President and China President of Texas Instruments
  16. Zhao Yan (赵燕), Chairwoman and President of Bloomage BioTechnology
  17. Li Qingping (李庆萍), Chairwoman of China CITIC Bank
  18. Yang Huiyan (杨惠妍), Co-Chairperson of Country Garden
  19. Jian Jun (简军), Chairwoman of Imeik Technology
  20. Song Guangju (宋广菊), Chairwoman of Poly Real Estate
  21. Zheng Bei (郑北), Co-founder and Vice President of Pharmaron Beijing
  22. Louisa Cheang Wai-wan (郑惠敏), Vice Chairwoman and CEO at Hang Seng Bank
  23. Tan Lixia (谭丽霞), Vice Chairwoman of Haier Electronics Group
  24. Wang Jingying (王静瑛), Chairwoman and CEO of Starbucks China
  25. Li Ni (李旎), Vice Chairwoman and COO of Bilibili
  26. Zhang Zhiping (张志萍), President of Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology
  27. Qian Jinghong (钱静红), Co-founder, Vice Chairwoman and CEO of Yadea 
  28. Zhou Xiaoping (周晓萍), Chairwoman and President of Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems
  29. Pan Dong (潘东), Chairwoman of Blue Moon
  30. Zeng Fangqin (曾芳勤), Chairwoman and President of Lingyi iTech
  31. Du Ying (杜莹), Chairwoman and CEO of Zai Lab
  32. Feng Yuxia (冯宇霞), Chairwoman of JOINN Lab
  33. Zhang Yan (张燕), President of Gaode Infrared
  34. Dong Wei (董炜), Global Vice President and General Manager of Nike Greater China
  35. Jiang Jinhua (姜瑾华), Vice Chairwoman and Vice President of Flat Glass
  36. Ge Yue (葛越), Vice President and Managing Director of Apple Greater China 
  37. Tao Haihong (陶海虹), President of NAURA Technology
  38. Sun Wei (孙玮), CEO of China and Co-CEO of Asia Pacific for Morgan Stanley
  39. Hui Wai Hing (许慧卿), Vice President of Man Wah Holdings
  40. Wang Yi (王毅), President of Topchoice Medical Investment
  41. Zhu Jurong (朱桔榕), Chairwoman of Hopson Development
  42. Christine Lam Yuk-wah (林钰华), CEO of Citigroup China
  43. Zhong Ruonong (钟若农), Chairwoman of Zhuzhou Hongda Electronics
  44. Kong Weiwei (孔微微), Vice Chairwoman and Vice President of Focus Media
  45. Wang Shumin (王淑敏), Chairman and President of Beimo Hi-Tech
  46. Li Ying (李樱), Chairwoman and President of Sinotex Investment & Development
  47. Mao Huihua (毛慧华), Co-founder, Deputy General Manager and Senior Vice President of CanSino Biologics
  48. Chen Qiong (陈琼), President of Intco Medical Technology
  49. Chen Lin (陈琳), Chairman of Zhongju High-Tech
  50. Fu Fenfang (傅芬芳), President of Fujian Sunner Development
  51. Zhang Yin (张茵), Chairwoman of Nine Dragons Paper
  52. Lu Qianfang (陆倩芳), Vice Chairwoman of Agile Property
  53. Sun Jie (孙洁), CEO of Group
  54. Zong Fuli (宗馥莉), President of Hongsheng Beverage Group
  55. Xie Qirun (谢其润), Chairwoman of Sino Biopharmaceutical
  56. Xu Yangyang (许阳阳), Vice President of Fujian Dali Group
  57. Wang Jihua (王继华), Chairwoman of Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech
  58. Hua Lirong (花莉蓉), Chairwoman and President of Zhejiang Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical
  59. Wang Xiaowen (王晓雯), President of Overseas Chinese Town Limited
  60. Li Hanqiong (李寒穷), Vice Chairwoman and President of Youngor Group
  61. He Chunmei (何春梅), Chairwoman of Sealand Securities
  62. Liang Qin (梁勤), Chairwoman of Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic Technology
  63. Zhang Ning (张宁), Chairwoman of Red Avenue New Materials
  64. Wu Lanlan (吴兰兰), Vice Chairwoman and Vice President of Shenzhen Yuto Packaging
  65. Sun Dan (孙丹), Global Vice President and President of Seagate Technology China
  66. Dai Shan (戴珊), President of B2B Business at Alibaba
  67. Zhang Jiayin (张家茵), CEO of McDonald’s China
  68. Xu Zhaohui (徐朝晖), Chairwoman of Western Securities
  69. Cheng Shu’e (程树娥), Executive Director of Xinyi Energy
  70. Mei Dong (梅冬), Executive President of Bosideng
  71. Wang Fang (王芳), President of First Capital Securities
  72. Tang Lu (唐璐), Vice Chairwoman of Sichuan Teway Food Group
  73. Susanna Hui Hon-hing (许汉卿), Managing Director of Hong Kong Telecom
  74. Zhou Xiaping (周霞萍), Gobal Senior Vice President and President of Novo Nordisk Greater China
  75. Shen Haibin, (沈海斌), Vice Chairwoman and President of Meyer Optoelectronic Technology
  76. Yang Ningning (杨宁宁), President of Joyoung
  77. Ma Qing (马清), Executive Vice President and Director of Human Resources of Siemens Greater China
  78. Zhu Wenjin (朱文瑾), President of Chinalin Securities
  79. Ma Xiaoyun (马晓云), CFO of Schneider Electric Group China
  80. Wang Jia (王佳), Chairwoman and President of Venustech
  81. Zhou Yifeng (周一峰), Chairwoman of Oriental Energy
  82. Jennie Li Jie (李洁), Vice President and President of Emerson China
  83. Fan Minhua (范敏华), Chairman and President of Plymouth Pharmaceuticals
  84. Wang Ping (王萍), Chairman and President of Lianhe Chemical Technology
  85. Fan Xiulian (范秀莲), President of Haisco Pharmaceutical Group
  86. Li Tan (李坦), Co-founder and Deputy General Manger of Shenzhen Hepalink Pharmaceutical
  87. Ulrich Li Jing (李晶), Vice Chairwoman of Asia Pacific at J.P. Morgan Chase Bank
  88. Liu Ying, (刘樱), Chairwoman of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech
  89. Ma Xiuhui (马秀慧), Founder and President of Opple Lighting 
  90. Zhou Hong (周虹), President of Roche Pharmaceuticals China
  91. Chen Lin (陈琳), Chairwoman of CSG Holding
  92. Zhang Ying (张颖), President of Novartis Pharmaceuticals China
  93. Wang Jianjun (王建军), Chairwoman of Oriental Pearl TV
  94. Lei Jufang (雷菊芳), Chairwoman of Cheezheng Tibetan Medicine
  95. Zhang Jing (张竟), President of Inner Mongolia Jinyu Group
  96. Qiao Jian (乔健), Senior Vice President and Chief Strategic Marketing Officer of Lenovo Group
  97. Zhang Min (张敏), Vice Chairwoman of Huazhu Hotels Group
  98. Zhuang Jianhua (庄建华), President of Ecovacs Robotics
  99. Zhu Linyao (朱林瑶), Chairwoman and CEO of Huabao International
  100. Chen Rong (陈蓉), Co-General Manager of OneConnect Financial Technology