China’s National Standards for E-Cigarettes to Begin October 1

China’s market regulator recently approved mandatory national standards for e-cigarettes that will become effective on October 1, 2022.

On November 30, 2021, the regulator released a draft of national standards for public comments for the first time. On March 11 this year, the second draft was also released.

The e-cigarette national standards bar vendors from selling e-cigarette flavors other than tobacco, and clearly list the requirements for chemical compounds and the mechanics for e-cigarettes that domestic manufacturers must meet in order to sell their products.

According to the regulation, the nicotine concentration in electronic aerosols should not be higher than 20mg/g, and the nicotine should not be higher than 200mg. The amount of impurities and pollutants in atomization, such as heavy metals and arsenic, are also strictly limited. It is also required that the design of the product should not induce minors. E-cigarette sets and cartridges should be sealed to prevent refilling, and should have a protection to prevent the device to be turned on by a child or by accident.

China’s State Tobacco Monopoly Administration announced other regulations in March, which will be implemented from May 1. Any entity engaging in the production and sales of e-cigarette products, atomizers, or nicotine for e-cigarettes will be required to obtain a special license.

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Jiemian News said on Tuesday that e-cigarette consumers are rushing to stock up before May 1, preventing manufacturers from stopping production. The new regulations will go into effect on October 1, giving the industry an extra five months to clear inventory and develop new products.

Previously, China’s e-cigarette industry experienced chaotic growth for roughly four years. The introduction of the national standards is an important milestone in the development of e-cigarettes in China.

According to the “E-Cigarette Industry Blue Book 2021” released by the E-Cigarette Industry Committee of China Electronic Chamber Commerce in December last year, there are nearly 190,000 e-cigarette retail stores in China last year, and the domestic e-cigarette market was estimated to be 19.7 billion yuan ($3.09 billion), a year-on-year increase of 36%. In 2021, China’s e-cigarette exports reached 138.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 180%, the report showed.