China’s Independent Station SaaS Service Platform FunPinPin Completes A2 Round Financing

On Monday, FunPinPin, a Chinese SaaS service platform for independent stations, announced the completion of an A2 round of financing from Plum Ventures. The funds are are to be used to expand the company’s team, product research and development, market expansion, as well as more support for Chinese DTC sellers to operate in overseas markets.

FunPinPin was established in 2020. It is an independent station building service platform with a focus on marketing. Its founding team are overseas returnees graduating from Tsinghua University, Stanford University or had once worked for Google. In December 2021, the company received tens of millions of dollars in round A financing with Sinovation Ventures as its leading investor.

FunPinPin now serves more than 1,000 cross-border e-commerce customers, including MISSPEP, a female anti-aging brand, JOVS, a high-end personal care brand, and Nreal, a global leading brand of consumer AR glasses.

Tian Yingying, the company’s head of product department, spoke about the deal: “in order to better meet the needs of Chinese businesses, FunPinPin has created the Market Place, a developer platform made especially for linking developers with high-quality Chinese businesses. By way of plug-ins and humanized settings, Chinese businesses can now establish their own high-quality website.”

Merchants need more than just to build a website, they also need to attract traffic. One of the chief aims of the company is to help merchants improve their traffic flow while lowering their costs. The FunPinPin service team has first-hand experience in overseas marketing information and trends, and can provide more accurate marketing advice for Chinese merchants.

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Chinese brands have embraced new opportunities for global development by virtue of their excellent supply chain capabilities. FunPinPin is helping more local brands go international by providing merchants with one-stop services such as website building, marketing, and data security around the independent station ecology while continuing to expand its already fast-growing cross-border e-commerce marketing efforts.