China’s First Hydrogen-powered Urban Train Can Reach A Top Speed of 160 km/h

On May 10th, at the 2023 China Brand Day event held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) unveiled its latest green low-carbon technology achievement-a hydrogen-powered urban train.

The hydrogen-powered urban train released this time has a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour and can achieve an ultra-long range of 600 kilometers.

The front end of the train adopts a fully enclosed design, and the streamlined car head has superior aerodynamic performance. The light blue curves on the body are like waves surging in the sea, representing the majestic power and natural harmony of hydrogen energy.

The light blue dots are like sparkling stars in the vast universe, representing hope and future. The deep blue body is matched with a hydrogen symbol centered on “H2”, giving the train wisdom and technology.

The hydrogen-powered urban train released this time has both digital and intelligent features. The vehicle adopts the highest level of autonomous driving technology, which can achieve intelligent driving functions such as automatic wake-up, automatic start-stop, and automatic return to the depot.

At the same time, the vehicle-to-vehicle communication system is used to optimize the vehicle control process, greatly improving the efficiency and safety reliability of train operations.

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The train is equipped with multiple intelligent detection systems and thousands of smart sensors, like having an onboard doctor that can self-check and self-perceive at any time. It can automatically monitor, diagnose, and protect the hydrogen storage system and hydrogen fuel cell system to ensure their safety and reliability during driving.

The train uses 5G high-capacity vehicle-to-ground communication technology to achieve multi-network integration of vehicle-to-ground information transmission. Through big data analysis technology, the operation status of the train is evaluated to ensure safe driving.