China New Energy Storage Industry Innovation Alliance Established in Beijing

On August 8, the China New Energy Storage Industry Innovation Alliance was established in Beijing. The innovation alliance was initiated by China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CEEG), Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. (CATL) and Trina Solar Co., Ltd., and brings together 62 different units including power generation enterprises, universities and research institutes.

The alliance aims to build a new power system with new energy as the main focus. The units will work together to create a new model of cooperation, development and technological innovation for China’s new energy storage industry.

Song Hailiang, Chairman of CEEG and Chairman of China New Energy Storage Industry Innovation Alliance, pointed out that new energy storage is an important technology and basic equipment to support the construction of new power systems, which is of great significance for promoting energy green transformation and ensuring energy security. He advocated that all parties in the alliance should make contribute to the five aspects of “country, industry, industry, technology and market” to fully serve the major strategic needs of the country and build a modern system of a new energy storage industry chain.

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As the initiator of the China New Energy Storage Industry Innovation Alliance, CEEG is a leader in the field of energy and power in China. According to company documents, it has provided a package of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals” research plans and action implementation plans for more than 20 provinces and more than 100 cities and counties in China. The company is also responsible for developing the first set of 300 MW compressed air energy storage power stations and has completed the formulation of a number of national and industrial standards for new energy storage.