Chen Rui, Chairman and CEO of Bilibili, Delivers 12th Anniversary Speech

On June 26, at the 12th anniversary of Bilibili, Chen Rui, Chairman and CEO, shared the changes in the company over the last year, holding that Bilibili has increasingly become a friendly community for youth to acquire knowledge and skills.

Chen talked about the development of the Bilibili community. “Bilibili is not a tool, but a community. Great importance is consistently attached to community building. Putting community first instead of scale is the priority in our corporate culture. Scale growth is just the means; improving the community is the purpose.”

In the past year, the five fastest-growing content categories in Bilibili were social sciences and humanities, psychology, animal, food and science. Among them, popular science content hit the highest growth rate in terms of view counts, reaching 1994%. Even still,Chen emphasized that “ACG content is still the strongest among all categories in Bilibili“. In Q1 of this year, the view counts of the Chinese animation and drama registered a 30% year-on-year growth, and the main creative content by ACG uploader increased by 43% year-on-year.

According to the latest data, the average MAU in Bilibili reached 223 million, more than 86% of whom are aged 35 and below, and nearly half of the Chinese youth use Bilibili. Also, the number of creators is growing rapidly. In Q1, there were 2.2 million monthly active uploaders, who created 7.7 million videos on average each month. The content quality and influence has significantly improved over time.

“At present, pan-knowledge content accounts for 45% of the total video view counts in Bilibili. In the past year, 113 million users used Bilibili for study, as much as over three times the number of college students in China,” Chen said. For Generation Z, video is a better way to spread knowledge. A typical example is that Chinese drama “The Awakening Age” has motivated many junior and senior high school students to learn about this historical period.

Chen said that Bilibili would further support the development of uploaders in such aspects as traffic support, creation incentives, creation tools and training systems. “We now allocate 70% of the traffic to small and medium-sized uploaders and new uploaders.” Chen introduced Bilibili‘s creative incentive plan, which now benefits 387,000 uploaders, up by 111,000 compares tolast year.

The data in Q1 indicates that the average daily usage time of Bilibili users is as high as 82 minutes, and the retention rate of members in the 12th month has been higher than 80% for three consecutive years. However, the outside world has some concerns over the community development as the community expands. Bilibili recently launched the Avalon system, which could delete improper bullet-screen comments and comments based on artificial intelligence, and automatically dealt with over 700,000 negative bullet-screen contents in communities every day. In the past year, the closing rate of bullet-screen comments was down by 42%.

Bilibili said it is investing more in public welfare. Li Ni, vice chairman and COO of Bilibili, announced the establishment of Bilibili Happy Scholarship to support rural education, with an initial investment of 4,194,172 yuan.

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Since 2019, Bilibili has jointly established “Bilibili Beautiful Primary School” and “Bilibili Dream Primary School” in Weishan County, Dali, Yunnan Province and Wuchuan County, Zunyi, Guizhou Province, in response to pairing assistance policies between Shanghai and the central and western parts of China. This year, Bilibili starts to support another two schools in Huaping County, Yunnan Province, one named as Aihua Dream School and the other as Bilibili Happy Primary School.

“Public welfare is the cause of the whole Bilibili community,” Li Xi said. “Both users and uploaders have gained happiness, knowledge and a bigger world in Bilibili. This warmth, hope and happiness can be passed on to more people.”