CATL to Release Condensed Matter Battery Technology April 19

On April 19, global battery giant CATL will release condensed matter battery technology and its zero-carbon strategy, according to a report from Jiemian News on April 11.

One of the main advantages of condensed matter batteries is their high energy density. Compared with traditional lithium-ion batteries, condensed matter batteries can store more energy per unit volume or weight, making them ideal for electric vehicles that require high storage capacity.

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The condensed matter batteries also support fast charging. Unlike traditional lithium-ion batteries which typically take several hours to fully charge, condensed matter batteries can be charged much faster and can complete charging in just a few minutes. This makes them very suitable for electric vehicles and consumer electronics products that require fast charging.

(Source: CATL)

Previously, on June 25 at the Chongqing Auto Show, Robin Zeng, the founder and chairman of CATL, revealed that the company was working on all types of innovative battery technologies including full-solid state batteries, semi-solid state batteries, and less-known condensed matter batteries. He emphasized that innovation in power battery chemistry systems and structures along with manufacturing processes must be integrated together with business model innovations to drive the development of the new energy vehicle industry.

According to some industry insiders’ introduction, the so-called condensed matter batteries may belong to a type of semi-solid state battery which has liquid components inside but without fluidity while having strong adhesion properties. Semi-solid state battery is considered an essential transitional route from conventional liquid lithium-ion cells towards fully solid ones.