CATL Unveiled Shenxing PLUS Battery, Boasting 1000-km Range

At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, CATL introduced the Shenxing PLUS battery, the world’s first lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery capable of achieving a 1000-kilometer range. With just a 10-minute charge, allowing for a 600-kilometer travel distance. Gao Huan, the Chief Technology Officer of CATL’s e-car division, highlighted that the Shenxing PLUS sets a new standard as the first LFP battery to offer such an impressive range.

CATL explained that the Shenxing PLUS battery incorporates proprietary three-dimensional honeycomb materials to enhance the energy density of the negative electrode and effectively manage volume expansion during charging and discharging. The battery features an innovative integrated shell structure that significantly improves space utilization. Building upon the foundation of CTB 3.0, the battery system has been optimized to increase volume efficiency by 7% and achieve an energy density of 205Wh/kg.

With support for 4C fast charging, the battery can be charged for 10 minutes to provide a 600-kilometer range, delivering a remarkable “1 kilometer per second” charging capability. In contrast, the previous generation of Shenxing batteries offered a 400-kilometer range on a 10-minute charge. Additionally, the battery incorporates advanced technologies such as ultra-high cooling efficiency high-voltage boxes and AI intelligent polarization model BMS algorithms.

CATL boasts the distinction of owning the world’s only three lighthouse factories in the lithium battery industry, capable of producing a single cell in just one second using over 300 CCDs, medical-grade X-rays, and CT scans to detect defects and potential anomalies.

During the auto show, CATL announced the official launch of the Shenxing Super Charging Network, a collaborative effort with Huawei, Star Charge, Shudao New Energy, and Cloud Fast Charge to establish the largest supercharging service platform in China. They also introduced the industry’s first Shenxing Owners Club.

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