CATL Signs Deal to License CTP Technology to Thailand’s Arun Plus

Chinese battery giant Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) recently signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with Thailand’s Arun Plus to collaborate on battery-related businesses in the region, according to a press release issued Friday by the company.

The strategic cooperation between CATL and Arun Plus, the electric vehicle subsidiary of Thai state energy group PTT, aims to promote the development of the EV industry chain. Under the agreement, CATL will license CTP (cell to pack) technology to Arun Plus, and the two companies will promote the application of CTP technology on the ground both within Thailand and globally.

The CTP technology offers efficient integration and allows for the integration of cells into battery packs without the need for modules. With CTP technology, system energy density of battery packs can be increased, manufacturing processes can be simplified and costs can be saved, according to CATL.

CATL has launched its third generation of CTP technology, referred to internally as the Kirin battery. The announcement was made by the company’s chief scientist, Wu Kai, in remarks during a presentation at the 2022 China EV100 Forum held on March 26 in Beijing. He also revealed that with the same chemical system and battery pack size, the Kirin battery pack can deliver 13% more power compared to the 4680 battery.

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Arun Plus and CATL will supply battery products to Horizon Plus and other electric vehicle brands. Horizon Plus, a joint venture between Arun Plus and Foxconn, plans to produce electric vehicles in Thailand in 2024. Thailand expects to achieve a target of no less than 30% of total vehicle production from EVs by 2030, and the partnership will help develop the emerging EV ecosystem, driving Thailand’s transition to a low-carbon economy.