CATL Launched World’s Largest Single Project for Lithium Battery Production with a Planned Capacity of 120GWhv

On Tuesday, the Fuding Lithium-ion Battery Production Base Phase I Project in Fuding City, Ningde, Fujian Province, put into operation Plant No. 2 and started construction of Plant No. 4.

The Fuding CATL Lithium Ion Battery Production Base is located in Qianqi Town, Fuding City, and is the largest single project by CATL with a planned production capacity of 120GWh and an output value exceeding 100 billion yuan ($16 billion). Wherein the first phase of the project, with a total investment of 17 billion yuan and a production capacity of 60 GWh, the production value will be about 50 billion yuan after it is put into operation. The project is estimated to create about 10,000 jobs.

Lin Qing, secretary of the CPC Fuding Municipal Committee, said that the project, upon its completion, will promote the value of upstream and downstream supporting industries while helping tertiary industries to exceed 200 billion yuan. The base should effectively optimize the industrial layout and overall restructuring of Fuding City.

Since CATL settled in the city back in 2011, Ningde City has seen rapid development of its lithium-ion battery new energy industry, one of its leading industries. Ningde City now is the largest polymer lithium-ion battery production base in the world.

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From 2017 to 2020, CATL ranked first in the world for four consecutive years in terms of the total installed capacity of power batteries in electric vehicles. Driven by CATL, as of the end of October, the lithium battery new energy industry in Ningde City achieved an output value of 114.5 billion yuan in 2021.