Cambricon SingGo Secures Investment From Bosch

Smart car chip firm Cambricon SingGo announced on September 22 that it has received investment from Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH (RBVC) under Germany’s Bosch Group.

Cambricon SingGo is a subsidiary of Cambricon, a leading Chinese AI chip company in China headquartered in the eastern city of Nanjing. It has received investment from top enterprises in the automobile industry, including SAIC, NIO, CATL and RBVC.

The core R&D team of Cambricon SingGo previously worked at leading chip companies across the industry, and the key members who are responsible for overall chip development and chip architecture design bring an average of more than 20 years of chip architecture design experience. Leveraging rich experience in AI chips with great computing power, the firm is developing chips with high TOPS (Tera Operations Per Second) and high programming flexibility to cope with surges in data volume and continuously evolve algorithms for future automated driving systems.

“China is the largest and fastest-growing autonomous driving market in the world, and chips are the cornerstone of the autonomous driving industry. With its strong VLSI (“very large scale integrated circuit”) chip design capability and Cambricon’s AI ecosystem, Cambricon SingGo will better facilitate the development of China’s autonomous driving industry,” said Sun Xiaoguang, Partner of Bosch Venture Capital China “The investment in Cambricon SingGo will further enrich our layout in the autonomous driving field,” Sun added.

Wang Ping, CEO of Cambricon SingGo, said, “The two sides have rich experience and resources in the fields of chips, artificial intelligence and automotive electronics. It is expected that this win-win cooperation will further enhance the capabilities of both sides in the field of automated driving and accelerate the development of the automated driving industry.”

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In March of this year, Wang revealed at the China EV 100 Forum that two automated driving chips will be officially released by Cambricon in the following two years. Among them, the SD5223 is a product for the L2+ automated driving market, with a maximum computing power of more than 16 TOPS. A single SOC can realize the function of integrated parking and parking, and it will be released in the middle of this year. This will realize coverage of automated driving systems for entry-level car models priced 50,000-100,000 yuan. Meanwhile, the SD5226 is aimed at the L4 automated driving market. It supports vehicle-end training products and adopts a 7nm process. The AI computing power exceeds 400 TOPS, and maximum CPU computing power exceeds 300K + DMIPS.

In addition, according to McKinsey, it is estimated that global revenue from automated driving chips will increase from $11 billion in 2019 to about $29 billion in 2030, and 30%-40% of the market is based in China.