California Governor Visits Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory

On October 29th, Governor Gavin Newsom of California, who is currently visiting China, visited the Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai.

During the visit, Gavin Newsom claimed to own a Tesla Model S and said that he needed to replace the battery. He jokingly said, ‘I really need a new battery. If there are batteries here, I’ll just take one with me.’

The report states that Gavin Newsom has actively proposed to include a visit to the Tesla Shanghai factory in his itinerary for his trip to China, and he expressed, ‘We are delighted to see the achievements of the Tesla Shanghai factory and want to compete here. I want to create more job opportunities in the United States and hope that Tesla can continue to expand its scale.’

Blogger @常岩 CY also revealed more details about California Governor’s visit to Gigafactory Shanghai earlier today. According to the introduction, Gavin Newsom test drove a refreshed version of Model 3 produced at the Shanghai factory, appreciated the teamwork between engineers from Shanghai and the United States, and praised the factory as a symbol of Sino-US cooperation.

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Recently, Gavin Newsom had a test drive of the BYD U8, a million-level hardcore off-road vehicle, in Shenzhen. He experienced the car’s pivot turn technology. Newton praised the car as a ‘leap in next-generation technology’ and expressed his desire to buy two of them.