ByteDance’s VR Brand PICO Announces Upgrade

With the rapid development of the whole VR industry, PICO, a VR brand acquired by ByteDance, officially announced an upgrade to its brand on September 5.

PICO, first established in 2015, is committed to developing better VR products for consumers. In September 2021, PICO was officially merged into ByteDance after which ByteDance established its XR business line. In addition, the brand has successively set up offices in Europe, Japan, South Korea and other regions to expand into the international market.

Up until now, PICO’s VR products have not only been well received in areas such as interactive entertainment (including movies), sports and leisure, but have also been widely used in commercial scenarios such as education, training and medical care.

The core of PICO new branding is to create a better experience for global consumers. The company actively allows developers and creators to join the ranks of building a content ecology in various ways. In June this year, the company established copyright content cooperation with six major Hollywood film companies. In addition, it also launched the “VR Creator Incentive Plan” to help the incubation of high-quality content and the growth of creators by means of capital investment, hardware equipment and others.

While expanding its content ecology, PICO is relying on ByteDance extensive technological resources to improve their hardware configurations, audio-visual effects and virtual interactive experiences of various product offerings.

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In addition to rejuvenating the brand vision and mission, PICO also launched a new logo. Previous logos emphasized curvatures and line thickness, while all of the letters were capital in English. The new logo is more energetic and tougher, and has a sense of technology and the future.

(Source: PICO)

At the same time, PICO has jointly customized a new font named PICO Sans with Chinese fonts professional developer FounderType. This will be the first font specially designed for VR system applications. The font integrates a traditional writing style, giving it a modern and elegant look. PICO Sans is also the first customized font with a two-dimensional variable thickness and width allowing for a much more comfortable and clear reading experience when used in VR devices, high-definition screens and in print. Further, the font supports many languages such as simplified Chinese, complex Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, German, French, Dutch and Spanish and more.

(Source: PICO)