ByteDance VR Experience Machine Patent Exposed

An affiliated company of ByteDance was granted an appearance patent for a “VR (Virtual Reality) Experience Machine (Mecha Version)”. According to the abstract, the product is to be used for a quick experience of VR equipment and highlighted shape and pattern of the design.

The “VR (Virtual Reality) Experience Machine (Mecha Version)” patent. (Source: China National Intellectual Property Administration)

ByteDance has started to lay out its own social meta-universe. Previously, the company invested in a wide range of Metaverse subsectors such as games, VR hardware, and content ecology. Some media have previously reported that ByteDance had acquired the Metaverse social startup PoliQ, company focused on the secondary virtual social world with a product called “Vyou”, a virtual image dressing entertainment App.

Jason Ma, founder of PoliQ, was an early team member of DeepGlint and was the product director at Xiaomi VR wherein he was responsible for the development of the company’s all-in-one machine. In March of this year, Ma joined ByteDance as the Head of Social VR at Pico. The whole team of PoliQ, about 50 people, has been incorporated into the Pico Social Center.

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In addition, in August 2021, ByteDance acquired Pico, a VR startup that focuses on all-in-one machines within a VR setup. After the acquisition, Pico gained support from ByteDance, which included a lot of market exposure, as well as funds to resolve issues regarding costs for content adaptation and subsidies for content producers. Over the years, Pico has become a leading VR hardware manufacturer in China, and even reached third in terms of global market share.