ByteDance Unveils PICO 4 Pro, Priced at $530

On September 27, PICO, a VR device brand owned by ByteDance, held a new product launch conference in Qingdao, Shandong Province, to unveil the new generation of its all-in-one VR device PICO 4 series to the Chinese market. Five days ago, the series was released in overseas markets such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. This time, PICO announced the launch date and price of its PICO 4 Pro that hasn’t been unveiled in the previous event, as well as the broad VR content ecology.

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(Source: PICO)

The PICO 4 Pro has three more infrared cameras than the inside of the PICO 4, which supports tracking eye movements and facial expressions. The 512GB version is priced at 3,799 yuan ($530). In terms of appearance, the PICO 4 Pro uses a light golden highlight curved mirror, which is more textured than the PICO 4 and presents a different fashion feeling.

At 10:00 p.m. on September 27, the PICO 4 was officially launched worldwide. On September 28, the brand’s global offline stores will launch the new series simultaneously and the PICO 4 Pro will be launched later in December.

In addition to the previously unveiled hardware configuration information, the new PICO OS 5.0 operating system will be pre-installed on the PICO 4, giving the user interface a more relaxing and natural style. In addition, the newly launched MRC (mixed reality recording) function enables users to combine real actions with virtual pictures with only one mobile phone to create novel and fun MR videos.

PICO OS 5.0 (Source: PICO)

In terms of content, PICO has also set up a wealth of VR content, including the VR versions of famous IPs such as “Body Combat,” Discovery adventure program “My Mission with ED Stafford,” and “Sword and Sorcery” will be launched one after another. In addition, VR interactive narrative work “The Three-Body Problem” will be launched next year.

At the press conference, PICO announced that it would bring its own social platform “Project PICO Worlds” in 2023. This platform will provide a series of Avatar customization tools and world building tools, among which Avatars will have a lower body. “We did not develop the PICO social experience to create a new platform. Instead, we want to leverage our existing platforms to connect and facilitate closer interaction and a more expressive experience. “

(Source: PICO)