ByteDance To Launch Cloud Service Volcano Engine

According to Tech Planet, Bytedance has launched an enterprise cloud service platform called Volcano Engine. This is not the first attempt ByteDance has made in the realm of Cloud Service. As early as November 2019, ByteDance has registered a public WeChat account called “Byte Cloud.”

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According to the terms of service of Volcanic Engine, its developer is Beijing Feishu technology Co., Ltd., developer of ByteDance’s office suite Lark. The enterprise cloud service platform Volcano Engine will be officially incorporated into the newly established company and Bytedance’s cloud service.

Lark launched a cloud service on a small scale called Lark Cloud last year. According to its official description, Lark Cloud is a future-oriented cloud service offering that provides an out-of-the-box development experience.

Originally known as Byte Cloud, Volcano Engine was officially launched in the second half of last year. In February 2020, the cloud service started a small public beta, and officially changed its name to Volcano Engine.

As shown from its home page, Volcano Engine has nine functions, including video on demand, video live broadcast, enterprise live broadcast, real-time communication, ImageX image service, application factory, message service, access control and video conference. Some functions require real-name authentication or enterprise authentication to use.