ByteDance Recruits For Its Unannounced Virtual Idol Group “Project V”

Rumors that ByteDance is to launch a virtual idol group “Project V” have risen as ByteDance posted multiple job openings related to acting, live streaming, game developing and virtual idol operations.

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On April 21, a recruitment page titled “ByteDance virtual idol girl group recruitment registration form” circulated on Chinese internet, which was later renamed “Project V”. A number of industry insiders confirmed to 36Kr that ByteDance is indeed planning a virtual idol project. Sources also say ByteDance is poaching talents in related fields from other companies. ByteDance has not yet responded to the request for comment.

The actress registration form requires respondents to provide their voice information, experience in live streaming/gaming, and choose from 5 voice acting categories including cold school girl, cute girl next-door , cool girl, gentle elder sister, and daughter of an eminent family. These are suspected to be prospective characters in the girl group.

Other job postings by ByteDance included Unity 3D development and Platform Cooperation Development. All of the virtual idol related jobs are based in Hangzhou.