ByteDance Launches Large Model Product “ChitChop”

TikTok’s mother company ByteDance recently launched a large model product called “ChitChop,” which is developed and operated by POLIGON. ByteDance’s social product Helo is also operated by the same company.

Basically, ChitChop is an AI integration platform that provides users with up to 200+ intelligent robot services. Its homepage displays six different usage scenarios including creation, AI drawing, recreation, AI study, work, and life. Each scenario contains more than 10 AI tools, with over 200 intelligent robots in total.

The trend of Chinese companies launching large model products overseas is rising. 

For example, Huawei Cloud recently released an AI overseas deployment plan, which will gradually launch large model full-stack technology achievements at overseas nodes. Earlier this year, Alibaba also launched AI tools for cross-border e-commerce, covering intelligent product release, market analysis, and real-time video chat translation in foreign trade links. In July, Baidu launched an AI social product “Synclub” overseas.

It is highly expected that a surge of large model platforms developed by Chinese companies will opt to venture into the global market, intensifying competition within the lucrative billion-dollar industry.

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