ByteDance Launches Home Decoration App Zhuhaojia

Zhuhaojia, the self-operated home decoration unit of Beijing-based TikTok owner ByteDance, has recently launched an independent app, indicating that the tech giant has separated this business division, Tech Planet reported on December 23.

Zhuhaojia, which previously belonged to Zhuxiaobang, provides whole house design, standardized construction and after-sales guarantee services. Its standardized construction services include various processes and six inspections to ensure smooth work. Judging from ByteDance’s jobs site, the company is now recruiting for positions such as “project inspection” and “decoration manager” to expand the scale of this business.

In addition, the app allows family members to surveil the decoration work at the same time. At present, the business service scope of the app is mainly in Beijing, with an average price between 100,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan ($14,312 -$42,937).

The number of users of “Zhuxiaobang” is growing rapidly. According to data from Qianfan, its penetration rate in the decoration industry has been increasing to 59.1% as of August 2021, and its monthly active users have achieved a rapid growth of 5.4 times since January 2020. ByteDance has now completed a series of projects in this field. It owns a real estate information platform, an offline real estate agency, a one-stop home improvement services platform, and a home decoration brand.

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Research institute Askci predicted that the scale of China’s online home decoration market will reach 86.71 billion yuan in 2022. Therefore, Chinese tech companies are now making great efforts in the field. In 2016, food delivery platform Meituan established a specific division based on its mature local service system., a Chinese classified advertisements website, adopted a similar strategy to Meituan based on its abundant housing resources.