ByteDance Launches Comic App in Japan

Tech Planet reported on Wednesday that ByteDance has launched FizzoToon in Japan, an app positioned as an animation platform. The company decided to release the product in Japan is because of the country’s broad animation culture, making it an easy choice.

Through the platform, new comics and stories are updated at least once a week. The platform covers a dozen types of comics, such as myth, romance, magic and heros.

Cartoons that have received the most recommendations so far include “Gentleman VS Bobcat”, “Master and Her Seven Lovers” and “Zhutianji”. Classic Chinese comics Tales of Demons and Gods have also proved popular.

ByteDance has recently invested a lot in its entertainment business. This year, it acquired cinema ticketing platform Leyinghui (Shanghai) Cultural Media Co., Ltd., and comic platform Yizhikan. It now has the basic outline of an entertainment network integrating games, music, film and TV series, comics, medium and long videos, information and novels.

ByteDance is also working to move into overseas entertainment. In addition to launching FizzoToon in Japan, ByteDance also launched novel-reading apps such as Fizzo and Mytopia. These two apps have no difference from ByteDance’s free e-book app Fanqie Novel in China, but are targeted at the online literature markets of Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Moreover, these reading platforms have recruited overseas authors and have announced generous rewards for outstanding novel writers.

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According to iResearch’s Report on Overseas Performance of China’s Internet Literature in 2020, the number of overseas users of Chinese online literature  reached 31.935 million, while the overseas market scale reached 460 million yuan ($72.40 million). Over 91% of these overseas users read Chinese literature online almost every day, with an average reading time of 117 minutes, and 87.1% of overseas users are willing to pay for online Chinese literature.