ByteDance Conducts Alpha Testing of Educational Short Video App

Tech Planet reported on Tuesday that Beijing-based technology firm ByteDance is alpha testing a new product called Haoqi Xiaozhi (translated as “Curious Little Knowledge,” 好奇小知), a learning app designed specifically for teenagers, with the slogan: “Learn something while viewing the world.”

Haoqi Xiaozhi is a content platform featuring popular science Q&As. On the homepage, users can see daily selected factual content, displayed in the form of short videos. Above this section, there is also an exploration part, subdivided into hot news, super curiosity, scientific exploration and other knowledge segments. This content is also primarily displayed in the form of videos.

In addition, the app allows users to send questions directly to the platform, and the system will recommend appropriate and accurate answers to them. Users can also bookmark their favorite content.

ByteDance is raising its stakes in the educational content sector. In 2019, Douyin, a subsidiary of ByteDance and the Chinese mainland version of TikTok, was already exploring the development direction of short videos for teenagers, launching a youth mode and recommending popular science content to them. Later on, the “Douyin Teenagers” applet was launched within the app, positioned as a knowledge video platform for young users aged 3-12. Then, in the second half of last year, a short video product focusing on children’s education was launched under the name Xiao Qu Xing (translated as “Little Fun Star,” 小趣星).

The launch of Haoqi Xiaozhi is intended to strengthen the dissemination of educational content among youth.

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With the rapid rise of educational short videos in recent years, Tencent, iQiyi, Bilibili, Zhihu and Kuaishou have all announced relevant plans. For example, Kuaishou has launched a short video app “Kuaishou Youth,” iQiyi launched the “iQiyi Knowledge” app, and Tencent launched the “Z Planet” app, indicating a strong interest in providing more educational content within the Chinese technology industry.