ByteDance Apps Including Shiqu Removed From Stores

Some of ByteDance’s new apps have recently been removed from online stores, including smart reading product “Shiqu,” recommendation platform “Kesong,” and real-time interactive community “Party Island.” These apps can no longer be found by searching on the iOS App Store.

Meanwhile, search results for Kesong on the Android app store display that “according to relevant laws and regulations, downloads are not provided for the time being.” Search results for Party Island show that “the basic functions of the application are undergoing improvements.” Results for Shiqu show that “this application is not available to download for the time being.”

These apps were all launched earlier this year. In January, ByteDance’s Toutiao started alpha tests for Shiqu, which provides interest-based social interaction through “circles” on the platform. The circles are created by users, and their owners are called “Chiefs.” Users can join different circles according to their reading hobbies and meet like-minded people in the comment areas. The content in the circle is provided by high-quality authors and media captured from Toutiao by Shiqu bots.

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In July this year, media reported that Douyin will launch independent recommendation app Kesong, which is mainly positioned as a lifestyle community of young people. According to informed sources, the internal project code of Kesong is “G,” and its slogan is “New Lifestyle for Young People.” In addition, Beijing Microlive Vision Technology Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of ByteDance and the developer of Douyin, registered software copyright named “Kesong Android Software” on May 18 this year. At that time, Kesong had been added to app stores.

Also in July, ByteDance launched social app Party Island with the slogan: “Party Island, no one is an isolated island.” It features a real-time online activity community, where players can chat and interact through virtual images. Users can directly register and log in through a promotional link on the app’s official Douyin account.