BYD’s First Pure Electric Pickup Truck Model Is Exposed

On April 23rd, it was reported that the latest spy photos of BYD’s pure electric pickup truck were exposed online. This vehicle is BYD’s first pickup truck model and is expected to be available in two power versions: a pure electric drive system and a plug-in hybrid drive system.

According to BYD’s previous new vehicle plan, it is clearly stated that in 2023, BYD will launch an electric pickup truck under a new brand belonging to the “professional and personalized” category.

From the photos, it can be seen that the BYD pickup truck is covered with silver decorative pieces around the front grille and headlight assembly. The large “BYD” brand logo is embedded in the middle position, giving it a very tough look.

In addition, the vehicle is equipped with square-shaped headlights, and the far and near lights inside are arranged in layers and incorporate lens design.

BYD pickup truck adopts mainstream double-row seat layout and is equipped with side pedals. The charging port appears on the right side of the cargo compartment, indicating the identity of a new energy vehicle.

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According to reports, the BYD electric pickup truck is expected to be equipped with a hydraulic active suspension system, streaming media rearview mirror, Huawei AR-HUD and other functions, and will adopt a gear-shifting mechanism.

It is reported that the price range of BYD’s “Professional and Personalized New Brand” models may be between ¥400,000 to 600,000 RMB (about $58,000-87000 USD).