BYD’s First New Energy Pickup Truck to be Released Within the Year

BYD has announced that its first new energy pickup truck is expected to be released within the year. The vehicle will be equipped with the DMO super hybrid off-road platform and is being developed for the global market.

The new energy pickup truck that BYD is launching is the latest in its new energy vehicle series. The DMO platform it uses will provide the vehicle with powerful power support to meet various complex driving needs.

The DMO platform is compatible with 1.5T and 2.0T longitudinal engines. Both engines are high-power versions dedicated to the Xiaoyun plug-in hybrid, boasting high compression ratios, high thermal efficiency, and high-pressure fuel injection systems among other advanced technologies.

According to previously revealed information, the BYD new energy pickup truck adopts a four-door, five-seat design, similar in style to American pickup trucks with a very high ground clearance and built-in running boards for easy access.

The front headlights use vertically placed dual LED headlights. Around the headlights is a C-shaped daytime running light that runs through both sides. The tail light design matches the front, with vertically placed light groups on both sides.

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