BYD’s Denza Denies Cooperation with Huawei

On April 23, Chinese digital blogger “@Dingjiao Shuma” revealed that telecommunications giant Huawei has reached a cooperation agreement with new energy vehicle maker BYD and will integrate the HarmonyOS car system into the Denza electric vehicle brand under BYD. However, a spokesperson from BYD’s Denza stated to local media, “There is currently no such news.”

Although Huawei’s connections with automobiles have become increasingly close, it still adheres to its philosophy of not manufacturing cars itself but choosing to cooperate with major automotive companies. It previously released a series of intelligent automotive solutions including Huawei ADS2.0 (Advanced Driving System), an intelligent cockpit, an intelligent in-car light system, and an intelligent automotive digital platform. It also announced that it will release the HarmonyOS 4.0 car system this autumn.

Denza D9 (Source: Denza)

On the other hand, according to public information, the current car system adopted by BYD Denza is called Denza Link which supports various scenario-based modes such as multi-screen sharing and nap mode. The Denza Link is equipped with a 6 nm chip fused with millions of applications and integrated with 5G technology. According to Denza, this system was independently developed by BYD.

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Denza’s product plan was announced in January this year. The mid-size pure electric luxury SUV model named Denza N7 will be launched later this year while the seven-seater SUV model named N8 will be unveiled shortly after. In addition, models under the Denza brand will be released using five letters: D, E, N, Z, and A, forming five different series.”

As of April 3, Denza had sold a total of 33,965 vehicles, with sales reaching up to 10,398 units in March alone.