BYD Semiconductor Independently Develops 1200V Power Device Driver Chip BF1181

BYD Semiconductor Co. ltd, a subsidiary of BYD, announced on Tuesday that it successfully developed and mass-produced BF1181, a 1200V power device driver chip. Based on previous R&D results the chip could begin shipping to major manufacturers in batches in December of this year.

BYD said that the BF1181 is a magnetically isolated single-channel gate driver chip that power 1200V devices. It features excellent dynamic performance and working stability, and has many functions, such as fault alarm, active Miller clamps, main and secondary undervoltage protection, etc.

The BF1181 is also able to simulate level detection, detect temperature or voltage, while also able to perform self-diagnostics to further simplify the system design, such as size and cost.

In 2011, BYD Semiconductor successfully developed a 600V power device driver chip and applied them in intelligent power module products in batches mainly in the field of variable frequency home appliances.

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The new 1200V driver chip BF1181 could be deployed in a wider range of devices, such as EV/HEV power supply modules, industrial motor control drives, industrial power supplies, solar inverters and other fields.