BYD Plans to Establish NEVs Brand Research Institute

It has been learned from people familiar with the matter that the biggest organizational change in BYD this year will be the independent operation of the company’s automobile brands. The adjustment began with the Academy of Engineering, the core department for R&D at BYD, 36Kr reported.

At present, BYD’s Academy of Engineering is planning to set up several NEV brand research institutes, including Dynasty Research Institute, Ocean Research Institute and Denza Research Institute. It appears that all brands will have their own research institute.

Compared to previous situations in which the R&D rights, projects, operations and products of various brands were all situated within the Academy of Engineering, these same entities will now be made independent of the Brand Research Institute, except for R&D.

In addition, another important R&D project at BYD, the company’s Planning Institute, is also undergoing adjustment. Previously, the BYD Planning Institute, Sixth Division, Fifth Division, the Academy of Engineering and other departments, all had intelligent driving R&D projects in progress, which inevitably led to repeated investment and consumption of resources.

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It is understood that since the beginning of the year, BYD has gradually unified its business export, and handed over the R&D task of intelligent driving to the Planning Institute and the Fifth Division. The general division of labor between the two is that the planning Institute is mainly responsible for high-level intelligent driving, while the Fifth Division is responsible for low-level intelligent driving.