BYD: More than 80% of Countries and Regions Are Referring to China’s PHEV Standards

On May 29th, BYD stated on its interactive platform that China is the birthplace of PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) technology and also the world’s largest PHEV market.

On the same day, BYD responded to several issues of concern to investors on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s Interactive Easy Platform. BYD stated that its atmospheric pressure fuel tank meets the standards of evaporative emission regulations and that China’s PHEV technology and standards are world-leading.

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At the same time, BYD is willing to share its core technology control strategies and principles, patent achievements with all automotive peers for free, and accept analysis and discussion from industry experts.

BYD mentioned that currently, Chinese brands represent the advanced direction of global PHEV technology. China’s evaporative emission standards have international foresight and leadership, and do not limit technological routes. They encourage enterprises to innovate in technological routes based on results-oriented approaches, standardize the industry, and provide more development space for technological innovation.