BYD Delivers Philippines’ Largest Pure Electric Fleet, Including T3 and E2 Models

On Wednesday, Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD announced that it has recently delivered the largest pure electric vehicle fleet to Manila, the capital of the Philippines. It has delivered a first batch of 11 pure electric vehicles, including its T3 and E2 models, and expects to complete the delivery of all 18 pure electric vehicles in 2022.

BYD said that this is the first time that the Manila Electric Company (Meralco) has purchased pure electric passenger cars as corporate vehicles in batches, and it was the very first public invitation for the bid to purchase pure electric models for the Philippines.

The government of the Philippines is now pushing the launch of the Comprehensive Roadmap on Electric Vehicles (CREV) and will require establishments with 20 or more designated parking spots to dedicate 5% of their space for the use of EVs and to provide charging ports. 

Ray C. Espinosa, President and CEO of Meralco, said: “Through this program, we express our full support for the Philippines’ transition to electric transportation. As we look forward to the government’s enactment of the EV Bill—which will provide incentives to both EV suppliers and users—we welcome a greener, cleaner, and safer environment in our streets and thoroughfares.”

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“As the first NEV maker which has successfully entered the Philippines, BYD is very pleased to establish a partnership with Meralco,” said Benjamin Zhao, the General Manager of BYD Philippines. “The electrification of transportation in the Philippines as a major car production hub in Southeast Asia is exciting.”

According to the report, BYD entered the local passenger vehicle market in 2013. After nearly a decade of consistent efforts, it now holds the leading position in the local market for new-energy passenger cars with a share exceeding 80%.