Black Sesame Technologies Reaches with MAXIEYE

On Friday, Black Sesame Technologies, an autonomous driving chip maker, announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with MAXIEYE, an autonomous driving company. Both parties will work together to create high-level autonomous driving systems based on computing platforms and multiple sensors.

The two sides stated that the next generation of high-level intelligent driving platform will be released in 2022. Equipped with integrated domain controllers, the system demonstrates safe driving and parking capabilities.

Zhou Shengyan, founder and CEO of MAXIEYE, said: “Based on our cooperation and mutual trust in the past, we have gained some achievements in the field of intelligent driving products. In the future, we will work together to create a high-performance autonomous driving solution.”

Black Sesame Technologies, established in 2016, is a provider of autonomous driving computing chips. It has already launched the Huashan series of chips with a computing power of up to 196 TOPS. In terms of algorithms, its Shanhai Artificial Intelligence Development Platform has more than 50 cases, which lowers the threshold of algorithm development for customers.

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MAXIEYE was established in 2016. As a technology service provider that offers driver assistance and automatic driving systems, it has helped hundreds of thousands of commercial vehicles to travel safely, and, most significantly, mass-produced the MAXIPILOT intelligent cruise system for the passenger car market.