Bilibili Launches Business Matchmaking Platform for Content Creators and Advertisers

Bilibili on Wednesday launched a new matchmaking platform called Sparkle, or Hua Huo in Chinese, to help brands and agencies connect with content creators.

The company said the platform is designed to bring more commercial opportunities to its 1.8 million monthly active creators, while helping advertisers develop partnerships with these creators and reach target audiences.

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“More and more new creators are joining Bilibili,” Bilibili Chairman and CEO Chen Rui said. The number of content creators with 10,000 fans or more almost doubled in the past year.

According to Bilibili’s 2020 Q1 financial report, its advertising revenue soared 90% to 210 billion yuan ($30 billion).

Bilibili previously used Sparkle as an internal tool. Now the open-for-all service is expected to offer better services for both content creators and advertisers by standardizing content marketing collaborations and a transparent business transaction channel.

Drawing from Bilibili’s database, Sparkle provides content creators services including pricing recommendations, sample work portfolios and access to statistics on followers and user engagement. It also provides advertisers with targeted creator recommendations, data analytics and project management tools.

Content creators and Multi-Channel Networks are already able to sign up for Sparkle. Brands and agencies will have to wait until July 17.

To be eligible to sign up for Sparkle, content creators have to be 18 years and older with more than 10,000 followers, have submitted at least one original video in the past 30 days, and meet engagement criteria, as well as credit requirements, the company said.