Banned WeChat Page for League of Legends Mobile Game to Fixed by Officials

Recently, as some netizens reported, the page of mobile title League of Legends: Wild Rift could not be opened in WeChat. In response, officials said on Wednesday that the page was being fixed. After solving the shut down, they would put the page back on the shelves.

The mobile game was officially launched on October 8. Meanwhile, an official page was set up on which players could get free skins and characters in the game if they shared the program to others through WeChat. Later, some netizens responded that they couldn’t open the page. The program was said to receive complaints because had been shared too many times, and thus was banned by WeChat.

In addition, the page administrators said that the rewards and task progress that had already been received in the game would not be affected. Players who have not participated in and obtained rewards by sharing the activity page should wait and pay attention to the updated information released by the official account later.

League of Legends: Wild Rift was jointly launched by Riot Games and Guangzi Studio under Tencent Games. Its launch triggered a discussion among netizens about the competition between it and Honor of Kings. The latter is a MOBA mobile game launched in 2015 by the TiMi Studio Group under Tencent Games. Since these two mobile games share similar gameplay, Honor of Kings has also been regarded as a mobile version of League of Legends.

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The game quickly became popular in China once it was launched. In November 2020, the official account of Honor of Kings announced that the daily active users of the game had exceeded 100 million. According to the latest data report of Sensor Tower, the cumulative revenue of since the game’s launch in 2015 has exceeded 10 billion US dollars, making it the first mobile game to hit such a target.